Social Media Content Plan
Social Media Masterplan

Get more clients and increase sales by growing a crowd of enthusiastic followers who like you and trust you without having to spend hours on end on social media.

Creating magnetic social media content has never been easier.

Here's what you'll access:

15 months of social media content planned-out for you

That's over a year's worth of easy-to-follow Social Media post ideas designed to grow your brand and give you a competitive advantage.

Easy way to come up with social media posts

Over a thousand ideas on what to post each day to build authority, create demand, and grow your follower base, even if you have never done it before. 

World's best selling social media planner

Plan an entire month of your organic posts in a few minutes. Social Media Masterplan can be used in any niche. Over 6,800 people are already using it and love how easy it is. 

Organic Ignition Frameworks

Create highly engaging organic posts and paid ads by following tested and proven frameworks that generated millions of dollars in revenue. Includes examples of highly profitable posts for you to copy.

Everything you need to increase engagement and sales

An easy way to increase engagement, organically grow your fan base, get leads and increase sales. The content is adaptable to all platforms of your choice. 

When you need to bring clarity to creating your social media content

Social Media Masterplan

Everyone knows businesses needs to be visible on social media. It's a great way to get leads and increase sales and build authorityAfter all, one million new people join social media each and every day

So how do you start to promote yourself and build a tribe of true followers?

What you need is a solid Social Media Content Plan! 

You need a system. Simple, well laid out, carefully planned and applicable to your niche, so you can get your social media content ready in advance and spend your time, focus and energy on your business or with your family.  

Here is an easy way to increase engagement, grow your fan base, position you as an expert and, increase your sales.

It only takes five minutes a day.
 with an easy to use, professionally planned out
social media content plan designed to take out all the guesswork and complication!

Social Media Calendar

Why over 6,800 entrepreneurs like you are already using it

"Worth it 150%!!! Best purchase I have made to help my business."
– Emma, New Plymouth, New Zealand
"This is amazing! I bought it because I have a hard time coming up with content and it has seriously helped. You can apply it to pretty much any industry. This was some of the more useful money I've invested for my business since I only advertise my services online.  
Honest feedback."
– Di, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
"My husband is freaking loving it. It has made a huge difference and really boosted traffic to his website and lots of conversational engagement on the posts, this is a very very difficult thing to achieve in accounting practice marketing. Thank you for the hours spent building it, it is being hugely valued!!"
– Kate, Brisbane, Australia
"I have seen hundreds of people trying to sell social media marketing kits and I purchased yours 🤩
I am so 
impressed, what you have created is amazing and whilst I have only looked at 1/4 of it my mind is already buzzing with a million new ideas. Thank you ❤️
– Rosey, Kalgoorlie, Australia



00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

What you get with the Social Media Masterplan

Social Media Content Plan

Clarity and peace of mind

Reduce stress by knowing your social media content is planned out for you each week in advance. 

Competitive advantage

Get ahead of your competition by being always visible on social media and growing your fan base.

Meaningful connections with your customers

Personal connections are the most important thing in any business. Forge deep connections with your fans by getting to know them better and find out which products they really want to buy

Authority and Influence

Build authority and position yourself as an expert in your field with minimal effort.

More leads and sales, organically

Build a community of customers who know, like, and TRUST you. In return, they buy from you again and again … and send referrals your way.

Enthusiastic followers

Would you like to have fans who rave about you and support you? With the right followers, you can.

Thousands of daily social media post ideas planned for you!

15 Months of Daily Post Ideas. Planned out in a system designed to engage your audience, grow your fanbase and promote your products and services. 

Easy to use weekly planner

• 42 pages of amazing content.
Topic ideas for all the major niches.
• Printable PDF with easy to read, modern layout.
Editable Excel format

Holidays, fun and special days

• 72 holidays and special days you can use to engage your fans on social media.
• List of holidays in 23 countries around the world.

Lifetime updates 

The plan is updated and extended throughout the year, so you get the full content, no matter when you buy.  

Resources and help with your online marketing 

Private support group for small business owners to help you with your marketing.

Save time, reduce stress and gain time to focus on your business 

Save time on creating your social media content so you can focus on your business, your products, and your customers. 

Here is an example

Here is a sample of a couple of weeks of the content plan:
Social Media Content Plan

Don't just take my word for it. Here is what other people like you said

I VERY rarely swipe up on ads, and I have NEVER bought anything like this before, but this time I did. 
I just downloaded everything and had a quick look, and it looks great.  
It's easy to understand, and I usually have a hard time understanding instructions (just ask my friends :)  I am really excited about this, thanks so much, now it's up to me how far I can take my business, but this will REALLY help, I can tell already! THANKS!
– Fernando, Stockholm, Sweden
"A gem I wish to have found earlier! I always struggled with social media. I knew it was important for my business to be there, but I never really got it. Until I saw the content laid out in weekly plan and I realized I was doing it all wrong. No wonder people weren't engaged before. I was posting the wrong stuff! Now we grew our followers by 200% in three months and we can see the results in increased sales as well."
– Eli, Orlando, USA
"Just purchased this for my business to get my SMM back on track... and I've gotta say I was a bit skeptical. I do not generally purchase things off of Facebook ads, there are a lot of scams out there. So I'm happy to say I'm over the moon impressed with what all this kit includes! It is absolutely worth it and more. Very glad this ad popped into my feed and my intuition told me to buy it!! 
– Heidi, Seattle, USA
Special Bonus

Special BONUS!

Do you want more fans, more customers and ultimately MORE SALES?
Get the Social Media Content Plan and also receive these awesome tools:

Organic Social Media Frameworks

Time-tested frameworks and examples of highly captivating social media posts.  
Captivate your audience
Create immersive posts people will love to read and share
Promote your business without being 'salesy'
Entertain your audience
It's easy once you know how

121 Viral Questions to Ask on Social Media to Spark Engagement 

List of 121 questions designed to boost engagement, spark a conversation, get an insight to your audience, entertain your followers, and connect with your fans on a personal level. It's 121 questions to choose from divided into 17 topic areas over 7 full pages of text. With this tool, you will always have something to engage with your audience.

115 Killer Ideas What to Post On Social Media

Never run out of ideas about what to post. These proven ideas will help you:
• Position yourself as an expert
• Connect with your followers
• Grow your fan base
• Entertain your audience
• Involve your fans
• Promote your products and services in a friendly way

1-on-1 Business Growth Support 

When you need help with your marketing or want an expert to look at your online activities, you can come to me and my team. We will look at your marketing, analyze your situation and recommend the best course of action for you.  
Our clients pay hundreds of dollars for this service but you get it free as a bonus. (LIMITED OFFER) 



It works in any industry and any niche!

The Social Media Masterplan can be adapted to suit any niche and any industry.  It is versatile enough for anyone to use.

We have thousands of clients using the Masterplan all over the world in vastly different niches, and they all report great success with their social media marketing. 

We've made a list of all the industries where Social Media Masterplan was used successfully – the list now has over 120 niches in it. From healthcare, fitness, lifestyle, and retail, trades, crafts, to business services, all of them report it saved them time on social media, increased engagement (even in the accounting niche!), and generally he improved their social media marketing.
YES, you can use it in your business.
(Besides it comes with a lifetime money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose?) 

Not your typical "Content Calendar"

This is not your typical content calendar. It's well laid out, highly efficient toolkit to boost your social media presence, position you as an expert, build a tribe of loyal fans and increase your sales. All while saving you time so you can focus on your business and your customers. 
Social Media Masterplan content

Here are the resources to help you tackle social media you will get:

  • Weekly Social Media Content Plan: An entire 15 months, 64 weeks of social media content ideas planned out for you.  Worth $175
  • Organic Social Media Frameworks: Time-tested frameworks for writing captivating posts. Worth $79
  • Private Facebook Group Access: Connect with likeminded entrepreneurs for ideas and support. You can also get updates and additional resources here as they become available. Worth $60
  • 55 Inspirational Quotes: Uplift and inspire your audience so they share your posts with their friends. Worth $27
  • 115 Killer Ideas What to Post on Social Media: Never run out of ideas what to post. Connect with your audience, position yourself as an expert and grow your fan base organically.  Worth $39
  • 121 Questions What to Ask on Social Media to Spark Engagement: Start conversations, involve your fans, entertain your followers and connect with them on human level.  Worth $48
  • 1-on-1 Business Growth Support (LIMITED OFFER): Have access to our team of marketing professionals to assess your marketing activities and offer course of action to increase your sales. Worth $445
That's $873 worth of tools and resources
to help you with your social media and online marketing!

Today it can be yours.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

My No#1 priority is your happiness. I know being a small business owner is hard work. It gets even harder when you have a family to feed, that's why I do my best to help other entrepreneurs like you. 

I stand by my product 100%, no matter what. I am so certain of the value this Masterplan brings to entrepreneurs that I offer a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee + Happiness Guarantee. 

No questions asked, no if, no buts, no holds barred, no fine print.  If, for any reason, you are not happy with the purchase, I will solve it. Refund your money, send you an updated version, provide you with extra tools, whatever it takes. Just reach out, I have your back.  

Your happiness. Guaranteed.



00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

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Get your Social Media Masterplan Bundle Today and get Instant Access to: 

Social Media Masterplan

World's #1 Social Media Content Plan.

Organic Social Media Frameworks

Time-tested frameworks and examples of highly captivating social media posts.

115 Killer Ideas What to Post On Social Media + 55 Inspirational Quotes

Never run out of ideas about what to post with a carefully laid out list of tested social media post ideas. Also comes with an extra 55 inspirational quotes to keep your fans uplifted when they follow you. 

121 Questions to Ask on Social Media to Spark Engagement 

List of 121 questions designed to boost engagement, get insights to your audience, entertain your followers, and connect with your fans.

Today it can be yours for: $125.95


That's less than 9 cents a day for over a year of planned out content for social media. 

Why thousands of people like you are loving it:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see how the social media plan looks like?
Here is a sample of a few weeks for you. Each day is well thought of prompt of what to post on social media. 
Also, remember my Happiness Guarantee.  You can download the entire plan to look through it.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let me know and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.
Social Media Content System
Will the social media plan work for my business?
The plan is designed to work for any business in any industry.  As you can see from the sample above, the main niches have been colour coded so you can easily find the most relevant ideas to your industry. I have clients all over the world in vastly different industries and they are all using the advice in the masterplan and loving it!
How often is the plan updated?
The plan is updated every month throughout the year, so you get the full 15 months of posts planned out for you, no matter when you buy.  
How do I access my purchase?
This is a digital product so you have instant access to you purchase as soon as we process your payment. You will also receive download link in your email.  
What if I'm not happy with the purchase?
I am absolutely confident the social media content plan will be an incredible value to you. But if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, I'm giving you an incredible Happiness Guarantee. If you're not happy, just reach out and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're satisfied. No questions asked. If you want a refund, you get all your money back AND you get to keep all the files anyway as my personal thank you for trying it out.
What if I need help?
As part of your purchase, you get access to our private Facebook group of like-minded small business owners.  We help each other with marketing and business. If you need any help with marketing, we are there for you.  If you need any help with using the plan or any related bonuses, you can simply send us an email and me and my colleagues will help you out.



About the author

Hi, my name is Michal Wurm and I am a seasoned entrepreneur, designer, and marketing and brand consultant. I started my first web design business in 2006 in New Zealand and grew it quickly into one of the top online marketing companies in the area. 

Over time, I helped launch successful businesses in various markets on three continents. I worked with small businesses, as well as the big brands, who value me for my vastly diverse skillset, which allows me to utilize knowledge from different fields and see the big picture to produce effective business strategies.

What I love to do the most is to help entrepreneurs like you build great businesses, optimize processes, maximize profits, and create more abundant and rewarding life.

I live with my partner and our five kids in the middle of Europe.  When I'm not currently helping people achieve more for themselves, I teach children self-defence and safety.  

Why I Created the Social Media Masterplan?

I worked with many entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners on their online marketing. I have planned their online content strategy and managed ad accounts and social profiles for their companies. 

Over time I realized when it came to social media, most of my clients were facing very similar issues. They did not know what to post, when to post, and how to talk to their audience. Plus it took them too much time to create their social media content.  

So I researched and tested what works best on social media while helping my clients grow their fan base and increase sales. I know anyone can do great on social media and I want to help as many people as possible win and create a better life for themselves. The Social Media Masterplan is designed specifically to build your own brand, increase engagement on social media and save hours of time and stress

Does it really work?

"Thank you so much for your hard work. I thought I was too old for social media, but it is much easier when I have a solid plan to follow.  Plus the additional tools and image post templates make life so much easier that anyone can do it!"
– Jiri, Brno, CZ
"It saved me so much time!  Coming up with ideas on what to post was always a task I was putting off, which made our social media presence too weak. But with this plan posting on social media got super easy and our fans are loving the change as well. We now get 50% more comments on our posts than before."
– Linda, London, UK
"Michal has made social media management easy for me
I struggled a lot with graphics but his work is continuously evolving and I recommend him 100%"
– Lilian, Nairobi, Kenya

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